“The large silver (white Shielding)”, is also known as “shield of Marchese”, with a red cross attached patent. A large red cross dividing the shield into four parts; and in each part, there are four black eagles that are flying low. Everything is the same in the four areas.

In the middle, there is a “small shield” four-square. That is a symbol of Gonzaga comunity. “Small shield” is divided into four sections. The first and third sections in red with a lion who has gold-colored double tail, armed, ready to pounce, and necklaced crowned gold. The second and third part is a shield-colored striped gold and black.

Meaning of Symbol

“Eagle” is a symbolic figure in the symbol of the Roman Empire, which means glory and victory, strength and power. “Flying Low” means humility, willingness to go down, down to earth, giving attention to the real life in society.

“Cross” is a Christian symbol, which means God’s salvation of man through Jesus Christ who died on the cross and rose victorious. The cross is also a symbol of victory and faith.

“The armed lion” symbolizes strength, honesty (prudenza), and generosity. Silver lion in the red field symbolizes the patrician (Nobility), which grew from the behavior and virtuous soul.

Meaning of Colors

Silver (white) on the “big shield” symbolizes light and air, the moon among the stars, diamond among gems. It is a symbol of understanding heart (concordia), purity, grace, generosity, and humility.

The red color on the whole logo is the color of fire. The color that symbolizes love, values, courage, generosity, greatness, nobility and power.

Gold color has a lot of sense qualities, namely: faith, justice, love, compassion (Clemenza), nobility (nobilità), firmness, kindness, strength, greatness of soul. The color gold is also a symbol of eternity.

The black color symbolizes the iron and diamond, symbolizes strength, victory, courage, and honesty. It could also means patience, humility and willingness to endure all the sufferings and pains.