Gonzaga College moderator is held by a Jesuit priest. The role of the Moderator in the educational structure of the college is not merely the Deputy Principal of Student Affairs, but rather as a friend and spiritual guide for students to shape themselves into human beings for others: men and women for others.

Gonzaga College Moderator Staff for the 2021/2022 school year are:

Pater G. Hadian Panamokta, S.J., M.Hum
Fr. Gregorius Agung Satriyo Wibisono, SJ
sub Moderator
YB Dion Rikayakto, M.Pd.
sub Moderator Kelas XII
Johanes Saud Maruli, S.Pd.
sub Moderaor Kelas XI
Agustina Anie Puspitasari, S.S.
sub Moderator Kelas X
P. Hari Prasetyo, S.Si., M.Pd.
Pembina Senat
Michael Bobby Christian, S.Pd.
Pembina Senat
Boima Turnip
Staf Administrasi Moderator