Core Values

Competence, Conscience, Compassion, Commitment


“Preparing the future leaders who have excellence, competence, responsibility, openness and integrative power in the spirit of services and concern for others and their environment, and should be imbued with the noble of conscience in the spirit of Christianity”

  1. Developing the youth to be mature person by doing experience, reflection, action and evaluation.
  2. Developing the faculties and staffs.
  3. Fostering a sense of social care.
  4. Developing understanding and appreciation of the values of life as the result of the Spiritual Exercises.
  5. Instilling all Christianities’s values in everyday life.
  6. Fostering an attitude of the openness and courage to have a habit of dialogue.
  7. Fostering a Personal approach (cura personalis).
  8. Nurturing man and woman in an on going formation.
  1. Honesty and love the truth
  2. Discipline and responsible
  3. Open and innovative
  4. Care with others and environments
  5. Collaborations and fellowships
Graduation Profile

The graduation outcomes from GONZAGA COLLEGE’S education are:

  1. Sturdy as a person, who is able to adapt both local and global developments, by sticking the assessment of healthy, conscience and concern for others.
  2. Being a pro-active person who could be able to seek a lot of information and smart in its process from various sources.
  3. To be able to learn all new things so that they could be well adjusted.
  4. To have communication skills in the community.
  5. To have understanding and could appreciate cooperation with others within different backgrounds.
  6. To have a positive attitude toward the creativities and place it on respect in the dignity of mankind.
  7. To be concern and care within their environment.
  8. To be care for others, especially the option for the poor.
Student Pledge

We, as Gonzaga’s Students pledge to:

  1. Loyal to the 1945’s Constitution and defend Pancasila (the State’s Base) as the State foundation.
  2. Uphold the Gonzaga’s motto that is Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam.
  3. Respect our parents, all teachers and school’s staffs as a representative of our parent.
  4. Keep a sense of kinship and respect for other colleagues.
  5. Aware that Gonz student is a human, an educated person, and a democratic citizen, therefore Gonz students should take responsibilities for citizens’s welfare.