Core Values

Competence, Conscience, Compassion, Commitment.


“Preparing the future generation to have competence, conscience, and compassion towards others and the environment in the spirit of Christianity.”

  1. Developing character building and learning that are innovative, competitive, integrative effectively and efficiently based on Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm.
  2. Providing a chance for teachers and staff to develop themselves thoroughly.
  3. Fostering Christian and nationalist values in daily life.
  4. Providing excellent modern education facilities.
  5. Implementing standard and modern school management system.
  6. Building a network that supports the development of the institution and its activities.
  7. Organizing activities that involve society.
  8. Organizing environmental preservation management.
  1. Honesty and love the truth
  2. Discipline and responsible
  3. Open and innovative
  4. Care with others and environments
  5. Collaborations and fellowships
Graduation Profile

Gonzaga College High School graduates’ outcomes are:

  1. Sturdy as a person, who able to adapt to both local and global developments by sticking to the conscience and concern for others.
  2. Become a pro-active person who can search and process information from many sources.
  3. Able to learn new things so that they can adapt well.
  4. Have good communication skills in society.
  5. Have a good understanding and ability to appreciate cooperation with others who have different backgrounds.
  6. Have a positive attitude toward creativity based on the appreciation of humanity.
  7. Concern and take care of the environment.
  8. Care for others, especially the poor and suffering people.
Student Pledge

We, as Gonzaga Students pledge to:

  1. Loyal to the 1945’s Constitution and plead to Pancasila as the national principle.
  2. Uphold Gonzaga’s motto that is Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam.
  3. Respect our parents as well as teachers and school staff as representatives of our parents in the school.
  4. Keep a sense of family and respect others.
  5. Aware and realize that we are moral and educated people who believe in God, and we are also democratic citizens who take responsibility for the welfare of the nation and the country.