Bike to Gonz


Bike to Gonz Community is a place for cyclists for the whole family of Gonzaga College to make real movements to care for the environment by cycling. This community was initiated and founded by Hendratan Soko Sathyawan (# 23). BIKE TO GONZ COMMUNITY was officially established on March 12, 2011. This community is guided by Mrs. E. Lis Eliati, who always active and has an extraordinary passion for caring for the environment.
“BIKE TO GONZ COMMUNITY is a forum for all expressions of community cyclists at Gonzaga College High School. So no problem if you have mountain bike, BMX, fixie, folding bike, downhill, ontel, low rider, to shopping bikes; or if you are active students, alumni, teachers, employees; Bike to Gonz, joining funbikes, organizing funbike events, organizing nightrides, being a road management committee, etc: We are one. We are one in BIKE TO GONZ COMMUNITY because we are one in the Gonzaga College High School Community,” said the founder and head of the community who is usually called Soko. Hendratan Soko Sathyawan (# 23) with Hadi Santoso (# 23), Adit Halim (# 23), Gabriella Putri Natalia (# 23), Francis Andrew (# 23), Alexander Bhima (# 24), and Yudit Halim (# 24) jointly respond to the positive responses of the Gonzaga College High School community in order to create a better environment.
At the beginning of the journey, friends who played a role in this community, have contributed in many ways, such as participating in the committee for the Grand Opening of Lustrum V Gonzaga College high school in January 2012, holding nightrides event together, in collaboration with the Bike to School and Bike to Work community, as well as realizing a special bicycle parking lot at the school. AMDG