The Library of Gonzaga is held since the beginning of Gonzaga College Senior High School. Its motto is Liber Petra Mundi that means “Books are a strong foundation of the world”. That is why the collection of books is increase from year to year. The collection of book in 2018-2019 that consist of reference and other collections are around +/- 15.000 exemplars in about +/- 11 .000 titles. There are three rooms in the library of Gonzaga. The first room is reading room. In this room, there are free internet connection through Wi-Fi, some units of computers and reading facilities such as sofas and desks. Students should bring their student card to enter through the flap barrier. When they enter the library, they should keeping the silent and wearing clean and tidy clothes.


If the students need to search books, they could use the search engine in the computer or if they need to read our special collection, they could go to its shelves. Our special collections are fiction book collection that is Chick lit, Teen lit, Metropop, New Age, Classics, or Detective and Science Fiction. Beside fiction collection, there are a shelf of Ignatian collection that consist of Ignatian Spirituality books, the works of J.Dorst SJ, the history of Society of Jesus, the story of martyr and holy people, the literary works of Gonzaga students, Gonzaga Magazines, and the most wanted books are year book from generation to generation. After they got the book, the students may to sit down on carpet, sofas, or the wooden floor. We are subscribing magazines and news paper. The magazines are Tempo, National Geographic, Traveller, Hidup, Angkasa, Gadis, Luar Biasa, Trubus, Educare, and Provoke. The News Paper are Kompas, Media Indonesia, Bola, and Automotif. If the students want to do a private study, there could go to the private desks.


The second room is discussion room. This room is used to facilitate students who need discussions and tutorials. It has Wi-Fi and projector. In addition, discussion room is also a good place to watch movies. The other goodness of this room is on reference collections that could be use to enrich students’ knowledge. They have a direct access to encyclopedia, dictionary, or serial books on science, art, geography, history, philosophy, and a shelf of world literature collection in English version. This room is special because the students could see basketball field, the area in front of Gonzaga sport hall and green trees just outside of the library. Discussion room is always full since the end of the class to 17.00 except in Saturday.


The third room is circulation room. This room is a staff only room. People who may enter this room are librarians, teacher and staff, and the member of Kolese Gonzaga Library Lover or PPKG. In this room, book collection of Gonzaga library is kept. The collection is complete enough from the General Knowledge, Philosophy and Psychology, Religion, Social Sciences, Language and Linguistics, Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences, Literature, to History and Geography. In the room, new books are processed, coded, wrapped, displayed and borrowed. To borrow the books, the students give their book request and the librarian would take it. The student also may ask to copy a part of the books they need for their scientific writings. The newest collection for Gonzaga Library is eBook collections. It consists of national examination practices that are developed in Gonzaga Magis program.


In 2018, Gonzaga College library in motivating its students to be excellent in writing, was holding a competititon in writing book review. Here are the winners : First and second place was won consecutively by Fesilitas Prajna Nindita and Primus Bryant Carrillo both are eleventh grade student from social class. While the last place was won by Juan Alessandro Jeremis also eveventh grade student from science class.


Celebrating Kartini Day or Women’s Day, Gonzaga College library also task part in this special event. Along with wearing traditional clothes, and library also exhibites book about Kartini, one of them was “Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang”. This renowned book was consists of letters between Kartini to Madam R.M. Abendanon-Mandri with her friend. AMDG.


Operational Hour :

Monday – Thursday : 07.00 – 17.00

Friday : 07.00 – 15.00

Saturday : 07.00 – 11.00