Counseling Room


Gonzaga High School students come from diverse backgrounds: family conditions, living environment, previous school basics, social life with friends and others. This kind of background will affect the process and outcome of learning in schools. The positive effect is students can take advantage of the differences as the real learning media they face in the school social environment. On the other hand, differences can also be an obstacle in the learning process. The dominant thing in an urban environment is family problems (economy, parental attention, family harmony).

The school understands things like this. The students who can get achievement need to get appreciation and the students who lack achievement must be accompanied. To deal with problems that can become obstacles in the course of the learning process, the counseling guidance teacher will be very open to students, and their parents can communicate and discuss together so the obstacles during the learning process can be resolved. Problems that are considered privacy for families and students and require solutions can also be communicated in places that have privacy. So, to make it more flexible, schools provide a place or room for consultation for students and parents with counseling guidance teachers or homeroom teachers. This consultation room is part of the counseling guidance room whose directly managed by the counseling guidance teacher.